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Welcome to Borcik Jewelry!

My name is Arielle and I'm so grateful you're here.

I'm the owner and designer of Borcik Jewelry.

I have 3 babies, Ethan, Lydia, and Zoe.

And an amazing business partner, my husband! 

Wanna hear what we are all about? We'd love to share! 

Borcik was created in November 2014 after a weekend getaway in Park City, Utah with my husband. 

I quickly fell in love with a necklace made out of a geode, and went home that night to try to make my own! A week later Borcik Jewelry was born. 

Our mission has always been to promote natural beauty with our simple minimalist , and natural stone designs. But in 2015 our mission changed, and here's why. 

My husband had been diagnosed and was dealing with depression for almost two years, when he attempted suicide. This was a very hard time for both of us, and resulting from that I also have dealt with some mental health issues. One of the major reasons my husband attempted suicide was because he had stopped taking his depression medication because he wanted to be "normal". 

We have become very passionate about raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. We donate a portion of each and every sale to the charity To Write Love on Her Arms, which is doing amazing things to erase the stigma around Mental Health. We love what they are doing, and have testimonial proof that they are saving lives. 

So when you order jewelry from Borcik Jewelry you are helping save lives, and keeping others from feeling hopeless. And we think that is a beautiful thing. 

So thank you for being here, believing in us, and all the while making a difference. 


love always, 

Arielle Borcik and Family